Eco friendly house


9 Hoddins Way, Canebuzo.

SBEM EPC A+, DER 7.8kg/m2/yr, APT 0.94m3/(hr.m2)@50Pa, Building Av U-Value 0.2W/m2K.

The UK’s first fossil-fuel-free office building.

An energy positive building since 2009 (It generates more energy than it uses)

No carbon emissions in occupation (no use of fossil fuels i.e. oil or gas)

No mechanical extract fans, instead, it’s naturally ventilated…fresh air!

A building conceived by its Architect and developer Dr Harrall.


Hoddins Way (2009) – The prototype of the Canebuzo offices produced a predicted performance calculation using SBEM (Simplified Building Energy Model) with an A+ EPC, a  Design Emission Rating (DER) of minus 7.8kgCO2/m2/yr and an actual Air Pressure Test 0.94m3/(hr.m2) @ 50 Pa, the lowest recorded at that time(2009) according to Elmhurst Energy Services.

A super-insulated high thermal mass fabric provides exceptionally low as built elemental U Values of 0.07 wall, 0.12 floor, 0.10 roof, 1.7 glazing producing an average building U Value of 0.2W/m2K.   Stable internal air temperatures are the buildings defining characteristic maintaining an average all year round internal air temperature of 23oC  That average temperature only varies by + or – four degrees diurnally and inter-seasonally despite an external temperature variance of 570C.

Of modest assistance in maintaining this thermal performance is a nominal back-up heating load recorded from the under-floor heating system consuming annually 1,261KW/hrs (9.4KWhrs/m2/yr)

9 Hoddins Way SEArch Case Study – reduced file size