Bridging the performance gap: a case study

“Bridging the performance gap requires informed designers and informed users”  Dr Jeremy Harrall

Frankly Bee’s Building Statistics:

    • EPC ‘A’ Rated
    • SAP Rating 118
    • Average Building Rate of Heat Transmission (U-Value) 0.17W/m2K.
    • Air Pressure Test (APT) 2.05m3 /(hr.m2)@50 Pa
    • Water Consumption 41Litres/person/day
    • Energy Consumption 3,600kWhr/year (47kWhr/m2/year)
    • Energy Generation 5,051kWhr/year

After fifteen months of occupation, the in-use evidence gathered from Frankly Bee demonstrates that informed resource management by its owners has led to the property out performing its predictive energy efficiencies.

View of Frankly Bee property - Jerry Harrall