Case Study: UK’s First Fossil-Fuel-Free Business Campus

Canebuzo fossil-fuel-free business campus Case Study Jerry Harrall
Canebuzo -Jerry Harrall

Canebuzo, a fossil-fuel-free business campus.

The UK’s first fossil-fuel-free business campus case study is now available as a download file.

Conceived in 2004, finally completed in 2013. Seven energy positive offices (generating more energy than consuming) minimal heating load, naturally ventilated and serviced on site with its own sewerage treatment.

All seven EPC’s are ‘A+’, all seven Air Pressure Tests are less the 1. Each building has an average U-Value of less than 0.2 and predicted annual carbon emission mitigation of up to 22Kg/m┬▓.

Key characteristics include a high thermal mass superstructure(solid concrete block walls and inset concrete floor) super-insulated walls and floor(externally clad) passive cross and stack ventilation.

The buildings can be differentiated from conventional design solutions by what’s not in them, There are no boilers, radiators, no gas, no oil, no ground or air source heat pumps, no mechanical ventilation systems…simple yet intelligent design solutions.

Download the fossil-fuel-free business campus Case Study below


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