Earth Sheltered Buildings with Jerry Harrall

An Introduction To Earth Sheltered Buildings In The UK with Jerry Harrall

In this article, we discuss Earth-sheltered buildings with Jerry Harrall, as they appear to be a perfect fit in meeting the outcomes of the recent UN’s Climate Change Conference COP21 talks; in that they have a light touch on the planet, have reduced their reliance on fossil fuels while providing healthy living environments.

Three such earth-sheltered projects (seven buildings) featured in 2008 on ‘Grand Designs Trade Secrets’ are a good introduction to the building typology.  Have a look at this short video to understand it a little better, and to hear from Jerry himself.

‘Jag Hol’ an insitu-concrete self-built home with no central heating maintains a steady 22 degrees all year round.

Honingham (RICS International Sustainable Building 2006) the UK’s first earth-sheltered social housing scheme has led the way in demonstrating what can be achieved in low impact living“, says Jeremy Harrall.

87 Gedney Road (RICS Sustainable Building 2005) influenced by the work of Professors Brenda and Robert Vale at the Hockerton Housing Project helped shape the largest portfolio of UK earth-sheltered buildings.