Honingham scheme Jerry Harrall Designed

As COP21 leaders maintain the momentum in pushing for a successful accord at the Earth Summit this Spring, they are reiterating that, ‘Businesses must also receive cooperation from governments to develop new clean technologies that will be “decisive” in bringing down emissions.’ This report is about the Honingham Scheme, with buildings designed by Jerry Harrall.

While clean technological advancements are intrinsic to redressing global emission targets in the built environment, intelligent design solutions can make the task all that much easier.

It’s widely reported that over half the energy consumed in the UK building stock is used for heating and over 90% of this energy is derived from fossil fuels. Reduce heating loads and greenhouse gas emissions would reduce accordingly. Data derived from the 2006 RICS International Sustainable Building of the Year demonstrates, it is possible to reduce heating loads to almost nothing.

The design solutions applied at Honingham are over five thousand years old and attracted renewed interest following the oil crises of the 1970’s. Few buildings in the UK have achieved the near autonomous performance of the Vales Autonomous House in Southwell, built in the early 1990’s. The application of  simple design decisions can lead to significant heating load reductions, induce natural ventilation and elevate internal daylight levels. All this inevitably reduces demand on  fossil fuels.

Honingham Scheme results from Search – Jerry Harrall

Honingham Scheme Results from Jerry Harrall