Dr Jeremy Harrall RIBA

Raised and schooled in the Lincolnshire Market Town of Long Sutton, unusually Dr Harrall spent his first six years after leaving school, on-site, as a time-served tradesman plasterer before returning to education as a mature part-time student qualifying as an Architect in 1995 and receiving his PhD in 2006.

In 2001 SEArch (Sustainable Ecological Architecture Limited) was founded by Dr Harrall and under his governance was the recipient of multiple national and international awards.

Dr Harrall has accumulated fourteen years of first-hand experience in designing, building, living, working and monitoring naturally heated, naturally ventilated buildings that operate with significantly reduced use of fossil fuels. He now has to his credit  fourteen of the UK’s highest recorded EPC’s and the seven lowest recorded air pressure tests.

As an independent researcher, he has accumulated over six million data points from SEArch designed buildings working towards fossil fuel free solutions. These data sets provide an unprecedented evidence based building performance portfolio. The in-use performance of these buildings has been the subject of a rigorous, self-funded five year monitoring project.

Dr Harrall has developed various environmentally responsible products which include ‘Indie House’, ‘Greening-the-Box’, ‘Buddy’, ‘Sun Pod’ and an innovative form of concrete.

His continued endeavours are to commercialise and extend the boundaries of design and building performance, improving living and working conditions, free from the encumbrance and reliance on fossil fuels.


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