Jerry Harrall discusses Frankly Bee building performance case study

Jerry Harrall - Frankly Bee Case Study

Jerry Harrall has discussed Frankly Bee Building performance in-use case study

The one year in-use building performance case study of Frankly Bee is at the forefront of the mind of Jerry Harrall, architect.  This has been broadcast on the BBC, and has been discussed and photographs shown on Jeremy’s web site here over recent months.

The case study linked here, has attracted much attention from the media, and connected associates of Jeremy Harrall this year, and we welcome all feedback and communications in the Frankly Bee one year in-use building performance case study.

In the words of Frankly Bee’s owners; We’re living at the forefront of eco housing and have no bills.  This is a quotation that delights Jerry.

Elevated daylight levels from above, fully optimised sunlight receipts and an abundance of thermal mass provide the major ingredients for steady state internal air temperatures and a tranquil living environment.

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Jerry continues to monitor and assess this case study, but if you would like to get in touch with him, please visit the contact page.