Jerry Harrall – High on Art and Coffee

Recently, Jerry Harrall visited the art exhibition for Loukas Morley.  Details for the exhibition are shown here:

Loukas Morley Exhibition (Finishes March 17th March)
Espresso Library, Cambridge, CB1 1BG

‘Caffeine isn’t a drug, it’s a vitamin!’
So I’ve heard it said.

For me enjoying the world’s favourite legal stimulant, is experiencing the tonic of a coffee high nirvana. Now, if you combine caffeine intoxication in the presence of great art, then you’re really flying.

I experienced this euphoric state on Monday when I dropped in on Cambridge’s ‘Espresso Library’ in East Road, on the corner of Parker’s Peace. This venue offers the best of coffee, flying bicycles, amplified conversations and contemporary art.

As I sat nurturing a distinctly rich mocha-java double espresso, taking in its floral aroma’s and fruity tones, I found myself gazing into a ‘Kandinsky’ style concentric circle glass canvas. This kaleidoscope of colour, texture and movement is one of several pieces by Cambridge artist Loukas Morley.

Example of Louka’s work viewed by Jerry

Jerry Harrall visits exhibition

I found myself engaged in a journey of discovery, winding through and around shapes and forms, delving deep into the more intricate parts of the work. Unexpectedly, I was experiencing an endorphin release a rush of euphoria.

Hacking into those happy chemicals combined with my caffeine intoxication, stimulated an empathic connection with Morley’s art.

It’s said, ‘A good day starts with a positive attitude and a great cup of coffee’ From my ‘Espresso Library’ experience, if you include some ‘great art’ you’ll have a ‘great day’

You can view details about the Exhibition here:

You can also view the blog from the exhibition right here: