Jerry Harrall talks about the Tarmac Waterford Project

In a recent interview with Tarmac, Jerry Harrall discusses his partnership with the company, the Tarmac Waterford Project, and what he his heavily involved in the architecture and work behind projects, to provide Zero Carbon Building Solutions, of the future …. today!

Jerry Harrall discussing Tarmac Waterford Project – homes of the future

Jerry said “Tarmac’s Waterford project can be differentiated from other more speculative housing projects by the fact it delivers an almost fossil fuel free existence for households.”  This forward thinking from Dr Jerry Harrall brings the future, to today’s properties at Tarmac.

This video is a great insight into Jerry’s thinking about the project. It is a clear and concise conversation from the architect, and brings his thought son Tarmac’s Waterford Project to the forefront of our minds.

Unity Gardens - Jerry Harrall - Tarmac Waterford ProjectUnity Gardens Housing

In his drive to design a remarkable, experimental and sustainable community of earth-bunded housing, award-winning architect Jerry Harrall required environmentally considerate materials.

Through collaborative working Tarmac and Jerry designed a bespoke concrete foundation solution which utilised slag aggregate – offering a carbon reduction of 64.4%. Several years and countless awards later, Unity Gardens remains a perfect example of sustainable housing and close collaboration.

You can visit the original page on Tarmac’s web site about this project.