Living at the forefront of eco housing – Frankly Bee

Frankly Bee – Living at the forefront of eco housing.

 Living at the forefront of eco housing
Frankly Bee

In the words of Frankly Bee’s owners; We’re living at the forefront of eco housing and have no bills.

‘Our family moved into Unity Gardens with great anticipation of living at the forefront of an Eco Social housing scheme, enabling us to experience the relaxing constant temperatures possible by being naturally heated and naturally ventilated. After four years we knew the building technique worked, so decided to self build our own Dr Jerry Harrall designed home “Frankly Bee” on a budget of £85k including professional fees and wow what an experience.

Simple, strong, honest and like me somewhat eclectic, all wrapped up in lots of insulation to keep us warm on cold days and cool on hot ones. Full of natural light with heating from solar gain, creates such a relaxing atmosphere this is how all homes should be. We installed Photovoltaic panels to allow our negative carbon home to earn us £360 this year, no bills! We only used 3600 units of electricity, that’s all the proof needed to build this home, amazing, this must be the way to build all homes.’

In the words of the Architect, Jerry Harrall.

‘At Frankly Bee, Jo and Andy Thompson embraced the opportunity to adopt simple, low tech construction techniques that cost no more than conventional solutions. As at Unity Gardens, they have no mechanical ventilation, no mechanical heating, no need for fossil fuels for heating, no ground source, no air source, no mechanical devices that require servicing, maintenance and eventual replacement.

Elevated daylight levels, optimised sunlight receipts and an abundance of thermal mass provide the key ingredients for steady state internal air temperatures and a tranquil living environment. If these simple, intelligent design approaches were adopted by the volume house builders,they would cut the cost of construction, cut the cost of ownership and increase their shareholders dividends. A no brainer as some pundits have said of Frankly Bee!’

Watch BBC 2, The House That A £100k Built.Tuesday 4th August 2015