Not A Champagne Life

Not A Champagne Life


Addressing Sustainable Development Issues


HUNDRED YEARS GALLERY, 13 Pearson Street, Hoxton, London E2

Global leaders have been in New York to pledge action on the new UN sustainable development agenda and the Paris Climate Agreement.

Their aim, to create a better future for people and the planet….have they got the right venue?


In contrast, a triad of artists have been exhibiting in East London’s ‘Hundred Years Gallery’

The event, ‘Not A Champagne Life’.

Their aim, to explore, disseminate and challenge relevant social, political and cultural values. The week long event concluded with a lively ‘Panel & Questions’ session.

The venue, ‘The Hundred Years Gallery’   is a social enterprise, not-for-profit, female-run independent gallery, that addresses social order, gender equality and freedom of speech.

‘Not a Champagne Life’  is an exhibition of three pieces of three dimensional installations by three intellectual artists. Yes, the titled references the not so bubbly Saatchi Gallery exhibition earlier this year.

Unlike the two higher profiled events, East London’s ‘Not a Champagne Life’  protagonists, leave one convinced, they’re in touch with the issues they address.

The art of Emma Elliott, Penelope Harrall and Ian Wolter evoke powerful emotions of repulsion at the espoused contempt too often heard from the mouths of a privileged few; dismay at political disparages in taxation of the silent majority; illumination at the disproportionate distribution of wealth has on the power of society.

Can the output from the diminutive East London triad be compared with the UN’s high profile protestations.

Christiana Figueres, the Executive Secretary of UNFCCC.  is quoted as saying,

“More carbon in the atmosphere equals more poverty,”

The alternative message coming out of East London yesterday was,

“The more wealth in the hands of the wealthy, equals more poverty” 

The UN Secretary General’s final words in concluding his latest excursion said,

‘Let us work together to make this world happier, more harmonious and where all the people can live with human dignity.’

Fine words, preceded by fine dining following a fortnight residing in New Yorks sumptuous Waldorf Astoria!

Paraphrasing ‘It’s Not A Champagne Life’ triad panel from their evening round-up,

‘Let us see equitable taxation at every level of society, ubiquitous eradication of gender discrimination and the best of education at all levels of society, then we might see more equality.’