Dr Harrall’s independent evidence based research has produced compelling data supporting the exceptional performance of high thermal mass buildings providing a blue-print for a new generation of fossil fuel free buildings.

An intrinsic component of this data is verification that high thermal mass buildings, allied with a passive solar strategy and super-insulation can reduce heating loads to zero. This evidence based research provides confirmation that it is possible to design, build and occupy buildings in the UK, that significantly reduces reliance on fossil fuels, reduces intervention of mechanical ventilation and mechanical heating, in both new and existing buildings.

Four years of data from eleven exceptional buildings, six million data points and still collecting, this data includes, internal and external air temperature, % RH, daylight levels, solar energy, energy consumption together with fabric temperature, core temperature, solar radiation, energy consumption (general and under-floor heating)

  • 2014 Reservoirs of Heat: The defining characteristic of high thermal buildings.
  • 2012 Demonstrating the Viability and Growing Acceptability of Earth-Sheltered Buildings in the UK. Paper
  • 2012 The Compendium of Contemporary Earth-Sheltered Buildings 1976 to 2006
  • 2006 Demonstrating the Viability and Growing Acceptability of Earth-Sheltered Buildings in the UK. PhD www.ukearthshelteredbuildingphd.co.uk

Papers (In progress)
• A comparison of the environmental impact of PVCu and Timber Windows using Life Cycle Analysis.
• Investigating the extent to which specific building adaptation techniques may collectively contribute to human health.

Books (In progress)
• UK Earth-Sheltered Building

Essay (In progress)
G.R.O.T Box (General Residence of Our Time) is the personal journal of Dr Harrall‘s experience of living for twelve months in a twenty first century typical four bedroom speculative house, built to the minimum Building Regulation standards. After thirteen years of residing in a naturally heated, naturally ventilated earth-sheltered home (RICS Sustainable Building of the Year 2005) Dr Harrall is recording his families alternative experience.