Sustainable Development – are we there yet?

A Lesson From Our Children

Our collective future is dependent on the next generation, our children. A proposition Gro Harlem Brundtland made famous thirty years ago in ‘Our Common Future’.
On this, most of us can agree.

Are We There Yet?
Paris talks concluded positively.
Electric cars have a commercial future.
UK Government criticised on gender inequality.

Sustainable development – Chancellor Osbourne supported it

Yes, the Chancellor George Osborne supported by EU Policy in 2016, recognises helicopter ownership, aeroplane maintenance, crocodile meat and Jaffa cakes as essential items, while tampons and other essential ladies sanitary products are deemed luxury items and subject to tax.

Interwoven into the UN’s Sustainable Development mandate is gender equality. Should we interpret treating sanitary products as luxury items, a form of discrimination?
Should women be taxed for having periods?
Does this raise questions about the position of women in our democracy?

Jerry Harrall said, “I’m grateful to my eldest daughter, Penelope Harrall, a creative producer and performance artist, articulating an eloquent response to these rhetorical questions.

In her latest exhibition, Penelope has elevated the tampon, over two thousand of them, into couture status. She’s created a spectacular array, a timeless white ball gown of fantastical scale. The train alone fills one exhibition room. This piece would be perfect for any red carpet and glamorous soirée.

Penelope Harrall - sustainable Development

Perhaps this dress would provide a perfect fitting for MP Jessica Phillips to parade through Parliament. Would the sight be greeted by consternation or applause in the House of Commons?

The UN maintains that commitment to gender equality is fundamental to achieving sustainable development
Through her art and intellect, Penelope has raised awareness of the irrational decision on Tampon Tax and its implications on gender discrimination in our society.

Here is Penelope discuss this in her video presentation.

Thank you for giving your father hope, we may yet get there!

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