Tarmac’s Bespoke Concrete Sustainable Housing

Tarmac’s Bespoke Concrete used at the Sustainable Housing Scheme Unity Gardens



Tarmac’s Bespoke Concrete Sustainable Housing

Tarmac’s new website features the use of its bespoke concrete at the sustainable housing scheme Unity Gardens

Tarmac’s bespoke concrete was used at Unity Gardens (2010) The UK’s first near autonomous social housing scheme. Six homes that generate a surplus of energy, harvest half of their water demand on an annual basis, are naturally heated and passively ventilated, the key components to providing affordable and healthy lifestyles. Their Design SAP Ratings are 129A (3 bed) and 131A (2 bed)

The project was the winner of the HCA Sustainable Social Housing Scheme in 2010 and hosted a private visit by Rowan Williams, the then Archbishop of Canterbury. He was quoted by the local paper as saying, ” Unity Gardens should be packaged up and distributed across the country”.

A good suggestion! The reason why the Archbishop should make such a suggestion was what the residents conveyed to him about their running costs.

In use performance data  gathered over three years from three of the six homes recorded performances better than the as-built Energy Performance Certificates.

Average daily water consumption figures for all six homes was recorded at 63L/person.

Average annual internal air temperature for three of the homes was 22 degrees with less than an eight degree variance across twelve months in spite of a fifty seven degree variance externally.

For one family home the annual energy consumption was less than 4,000 kWhrs.

Tarmac’s low embodied energy concrete added significantly to the Lifecycle embedded carbon by over 60%.