Wash Your Dirty Linen In Public – dr harrall

Last Friday afternoon’s ‘walk and talk’ session with colleague Tim Slater, conveniently included a  ‘pit-stop’ at Peterborough’s City Gallery on Priestgate.
Penelope Harrall - dr harrallIn session were three performance artist’s, Charlotte Barlow, Gaganpreet Gill Kaur and Penelope Harrall (yes, my eldest)
Each artist provided a stimulating live performance of intellectual creativity that challenged public perceptions on gender equality.
On display, were chapatti’s, tampons and washing-powder as I’ve never seen before.
Cooking, housework and sewing as predictable gender patterns are portrayed and explored with sublime humour and serious intent.

Watch Dr Harrall’s daughter and others perform

Watch Charlotte perform an animated display of hoovering drudgery in her soulless box.
Experience and taste Gill’s meticulous preparations and cooking of traditional chapatti’s topped with homemade chutney.
Be wowed at the spectacular transformation of over two thousand tampons into a fairytale ball gown.

Why not ‘walk and talk’ in Tim and Jerry’s footsteps, experience Peterborough’s
‘Wash Your Dirty Linen In Public’

Thursday 11 February – Wednesday 2 March
Tuesday – Saturday 9 – 5pm
Special Performance Event
Friday 19 February 6.30 – 9pm
Saturday 20 February 9 – 5pm
Artist Talks & Workshops
Saturday 27 February 1 – 5pm

View details of the event here: http://www.vivacity-peterborough.com/event/wash-your-dirty-linen-in-public

There is a video available here on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tpTo4vhnpQ